About me

I grew up in Rhode Island – the smallest state in the US – and have lived in to San Francisco, New York, and Boston. Now I’m traveling the world indefinitely.

My first computer operating system was MS-DOS, with a blazing fast Pentium 133MHz processor. Now I use Linux, typically Ubuntu.

Programming has been my favorite hobby since childhood. I taught myself using library books and internet resources. I started with C/C++, then I learned every programming language I could find. I skipped school to work as a software developer.

I’m a foodie who enjoys traveling and photography, with interests in music production, game dev, Stoic philosophy, personal finance, and sociology.

I spend my free time with people I love, and I try to leave a positive impact on the world.

Here’s what other people have said about me:

Wasting your life on the computer
Hilarious, earnest man
Professional Comedian
We’ve decided to pursue other candidates
Little Brother
Generous lover
Former partner
Should be a model
Grocery Store Clerk
Good Friend