…by me, for fun.

Nest Egg

Retirement calculator for Android - 2017

I created this Android app mostly for personal use, to replace a spreadsheet. Later, I added a web version to experiment with Kotlin multiplatform. The web and Android apps share the same code base, while each having their own native interface.

I didn’t use an existing framework, to explore what’s possible with Kotlin alone. The Android app is a more polished as I only recently added the web.


Puzzle adventure game - Work in progress - 2017

I thought it would be fun to design 2D puzzles. As it turns out, designing puzzles is hard. At least I got to make cat sounds.


Life simulation - Work in progress - 2016

Simulates a small world full of autonomous creatures. I enjoy experimenting with the AI, but this is not a “game” yet. I haven’t figured out what this is yet.

The world is randomly generated when you first open the app. Relaunch the app to generate a new random world.


Fly squashing memory game - 2014

I specifically designed this game to be finished in one coding session. I scanned pencil drawings for the graphics. It goes from stupidly easy to impossible at about six flies.

Principal’s Award

For Help With Computers and Positive Outlook - 1998

I already earned a reputation by elementary school. It’s too bad universities don‘t offer degrees in “positivity”; I had to pursue “computers” instead.


Pencil on paper - 1995

This remains my life’s greatest work. You can tell from the Bugs game, that my aesthetic has remained true to its roots. Let’s call this my first concept art.


Digital art - Computer-aided design - 1991

I don’t remember what I learned first – how to use the bathroom, or how to use a computer. It was probably the latter.