…that I’ve done professionally.


Foodler - Android App - 2017

I took over the Foodler app from contractors, who were producing poor quality code. I iteratively rewrote the app (using MVP) to fix bugs and optimize performance, while adding unit tests, prettier designs and cool new features (such as live order tracking).

Meanwhile, I developed HTTP APIs to support new mobile app features and implemented responsive web design which replaced Foodler’s old dedicated mobile site.

GrubHub acquired Foodler and discontinued the app, but you can download a demo that uses mock data.


edX - Android App - 2016

I worked on the open-source edX Android app as a part-time consultant. They had specific feature deadlines for their partners, and I ensured each feature was completed on time.

I also contributed bug fixes, helped establish UX guidelines, and began refactoring the app to add more unit tests.

RelayRides (now Turo)

RelayRides - Android App - 2015

I convinced RelayRides (with help from investors) that we needed to build an Android app. Then, I quickly built the RelayRides Android app myself, and their users loved it.

RelayRides later changed their name to Turo and raised an additional $47 million in Series C funding. - 2014

By 2014, RelayRides had raised over $52.5 million. With a growing team, we iterated on the web design, including a new search experience emphasizing large high quality photos and a zoomable/pannable map.

I personally implemented responsive web design and convinced the company not to waste development time building a dedicated mobile site.

Many elements of the previous designs remain on Turo’s current search page, but refreshed with their latest brand aesthetic. - 2012

I joined RelayRides (an unfunded car-sharing start-up) as their first official W2 employee. They were using a third party car rental platform and operating exclusively around Boston, MA, with about sixty cars for rent. Back then, you had to unlock the cars using a keycard.

I developed the majority of their web site from scratch through their successful nationwide launch in 2012.